Bartomeu: 'Cesc is worth 60MILLeu' >> Read My Mind

Bartomeu, Barca vicepresident: 'Cesc Fabregas is worth 60MILLeu, which is exactly what Arsenal wanted for him. We managed to sign him for 29MILL because the player only considered a move to the Camp Nou'

Bartomeu: 'Guardiola wanted a squad where all players could play every minute of every match. He now has a deeper bench with options to change the feel of matches near the final whistle'
Bartomeu: 'As for Alexis, Udinese had better offers from Manchester City (55MILLeu) and Chelsea (50M) but the player chose Barcelona as his only possible destination'

- As I explained in my previous articles, I am immensely pleased with Barca's squad this season.
Starting La Liga with Xavi and Villa on the bench can only be understood as a luxury that no other team on Earth could take. Can you imagine Real Madrid playing against Villareal without Xabi Alonso and Ronalda? Well, exactly!

Cesc only took 15 minutes to adapt to Guardiola's formation, I trust it won't be long until Alexis understands the mechanisms behind Guardiola's system.