Cesc Fabregas: 'Winning the Champions League is my dream'

Cesc Fabregas: 'Playing for Barca is always a challenge but players such as Messi, Xavi or Iniesta will help me improve. I scored 3 goals already but I have many defensive mistakes that I need to work on'

Cesc Fabregas: 'The transition between attack and defense is incredibly fast here: The less our rivals have possession, the more chance we have to play our football'

Cesc Fabregas: 'This team plays mechanically since Guardiola took over as manager. Mentality is high and there is a strong drive to win. My main target this season is winning the Champions League, but I am also missing La Liga and the Club's World Cup! I'd love to win them all!'

Cesc Fabregas: 'Pep Guardiola showed a lot of confidence in me and I will play where he decides, whether it's as a starter or from the bench. I need to earn my playing time and the respect of the Barca people by being patient and ready when needed'

- Since his debut for the Pep Team 4.0, Cesc has been impressive as a false striker. From his years at Arsenal, we know he can play anywhere in midfield, scoring plenty of goals and assisting regularly.

Yes, the Cesc transfer saga bored everyone to death but the kid is back home showing a humble approach and willingness to learn from the best despite being tremendously experienced.
I have a great feeling about this year...