Cruyff: 'Mourinho is damaging Madrid's history' >> Read My Mind

Cruyff: 'Real Madrid loses its appeal and damages its own history every day. Mourinho is damaging the club and turning his players into acting in ways they would never have done without his influence'

Cruyff: 'Mourinho and Florentino are obsessed with beating Barca and have overstepped the limit. Attacking Vilanova is clear proof that Mou didn't know what else to do to beat FC Barcelona, I've never seen anything like it'

Cruyff: 'In football, not everything is allowed to win. You need to respect your own values, not be obsessive and keep your manners'

- Whenever Cruyff speaks, Cules should listen. I don't always agree with his opinion, but his years of experience make his words carry hidden messages.

By criticising Madrid today, Johan is also raising the profile of Guardiola's job as Barca coach. Yes, we are winning trophies but, more importantly, our values and the way the players behave makes us bigger, better, stronger.



  1. Anonymous5.9.11

    Cryuff you are a legend man!:)

  2. Ceci5.9.11

    Cruyff is absolutely right. Perfect words, and exactly what I think. By sacking Valdano, Real Madrid lost whatever honour they had. It's sad more than anything. Sad and disgraceful. Even if Madrid managed to win some trophies, it'd still be pathetic and damaging to the club (Real Madrid).

    To see Pipa upset in the last Clasico... Masche having to lead him away... was shocking. Pipa was walking with his arm around Messi's shoulder after the first leg, and now this. Pipita is sweet and kind, an Albiceleste more than anything. He's no troublemaker. Mou is getting to them all.


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