Cruyff: 'Player competition will make Guardiola's Barca stronger'

Cruyff: 'Guardiola has made the squad stronger by increasing the competition between his own players, there's no other way to do it. Players are young and successful, we don't want them to feel too comfortable'

Cruyff: 'Pep Guardiola has made perfect signings this summer. People were arguing whether to pay that much money for a player who left us as a kid (Cesc), but that has nothing to do with his quality as a footballer'

Cruyff: 'When Guardiola makes a decision, he sticks by it regardless of what people think outside the club. He won't change his mind, and that's why he insisted in signing Cesc and Alexis'

- As his mentor, it's no surprise Johan is defending Pep's management of the Camp Nou dressing room. Having said that, success over the years speaks by itself.

Since Laporta left, we haven't signed any more Maxi Rodriguez, Keirrison or Mario (I guess most of you have forgotten about these flops already!)

Rosell has focused on getting Barca out of debt and making the squad stronger: So far, so good.