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David Villa: 'Messi is extraordinary'

David Villa: 'Messi is extraordinary'

David Villa: 'People always say that when I score it is like a release and when I don’t it adds to the pressure. But my job is not only to score goals, I try to help the team, I have done that all my life. I am very happy both on and off the pitch and I hope to stay at FC Barcelona a very long time'

David Villa: 'There are players here that have always been in the first eleven. But there are more than eleven of us here and not everyone can play. Whoever plays helps the team'

David Villa: 'Messi is doing incredible things. Every day he surprises us with a new records, he is surpassing himself. Nobody compares with him and we are so happy that he’s wearing our shirt each day - He is extraordinary, unique, wonderful'

David Villa: 'Xavi always plays well, Messi is better thanks to him'

- La Pulga gets deserved praise on a daily basis, purely based on his performances on the pitch. While Messi is achieving legendary status at Barça, his teammates can not be forgotten as they are the ones that allow the Argentinian to shine by always supporting, assisting, creating spaces...