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Guardiola: 'If we don’t play well, we can’t win. And sometimes you play well and still don’t win'

Guardiola: 'If we don’t play well, we can’t win. And sometimes you play well and still don’t win. I promise we’ll play like we did against Real Sociedad and AC Milan. Against the Italians, we shot 23 times, had 70% of the possession and played to win. I just hope my players behave like they have done these last few days'

Guardiola: 'I haven’t got the strength to promise titles. I’m not promising we’ll win anything this year. Things are won step by step, with a lot of effort and a lot of work. Right now we are only candidates like the other 19 teams are'

Guardiola: 'At the moment we don’t think anyone can beat Usain Bolt, but somebody will one day. And maybe somebody will win 13 titles out of 15 and beat our 12 out of 15, and then demands will be made of them like they are of us. After winning so much, standards are raised and also the demands'

- FC Barcelona fans are demanding by nature. Success is in our blood, it's our one and only target. Coming second is just not an option.

Having said that, it's not only victory that matters. The way we play, control the match, the attacking spirit... All of these elements matter too. It's part of our history, it's who we are.

We are fortunate to witness the most dominant team of our long history but that does NOT mean we are perfect or unbeatable. Respecting others, being humble, improving our performance must be the way forward. Fixing that defense would also help...

Listening to Pep Guardiola's words, I don't doubt this team will bounce back and return to it's natural habitat: VICTORY.



  1. Carles Puyol has it all quite clear: "Results will
    come, because the first team work is very good".
    In the press room of the Ciudad Deportiva, the
    team captain sent a clear message of reassurance
    to members and fans.
    Despite the two draws in the last two official
    matches, no doubts exist in the dressing room.
    According to Carles Puyol, "we’re aware of what
    we have in hand, the bar is very high, and what
    we’ll do is continue working as we have up to
    now, and not listen to what’s said from outside".
    He added: "Sooner or later the results we want
    will come. We’re in no doubt whatsoever".
    Unfair result, good feelings
    For Puyol, the draw with Milan "was really unfair,
    and left a bad taste in our mouths. It was
    unfortunate, but we must move on and think
    about the next game". About his feelings, in his
    comeback after more than three months inactive,
    Puyol said he "felt very well and the sensations
    were all very good. I was out for eight months
    and now I have to start getting into the rhythm of
    Praise, and injuries
    Puyol was very forthright in declaring, "The
    praise we’ve received over the past few years
    doesn’t affect us, neither for better nor worse.
    Just a short while ago we were the best team in
    the world, and now, some have lots of doubts
    about us. It’s neither one nor the other. We know
    where we are and it’s normal that in a football
    team there are times when we're up and other
    times when we’re down".
    Regarding the various muscle injuries, Puyol
    indicated that "it’s never good news, but it can
    happen to anyone….I have to say that we’re
    doing the same preparation as in other seasons.
    It’s football and we have to accept it" he added.
    Several goals conceded
    Puyol believes that the fact that Barça let in 4
    goals in 2 games is mainly due to the "merits of
    the opposition, more than our failures…….here
    we all defend and attack together, and, therefore,
    it’s not fair to say that the defence, or the
    defenders, are to blame


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