Javier Mascherano, worst signing of 2010??? RUBBISH!!!! >> Read My Mind

A recent study called 'Football Transfer Review 2012' by Prime Time Sport has concluded that Javier Mascherano was the worst signing in Europe last season, considering his price and minutes played. Other players who failed, always according to this study, were Mario Balotelli, Kolarov and Gourcuff.

On the plus side, the best 5 signings were, in this order, Toure Yaya, David Villa, David Silva, Ibrahimovic and Di Maria.

- I am not a fan of people who don't have a clue about football and spend their time critisizing players for no reason.

Mascherano didn't play that many minutes during the first half of the season simply because he was adapting to the Barça style and Guardiola's formation. Once he overcame those difficulties, he became pivotal to our defense and even started at Wembley, winning our 4th Champions League in the process.

Whoever says signing Mascherano was a mistake is either blind or simply knows less about football than a flower pot.



  1. Ceci9.9.11

    "Whoever says signing Mascherano was a mistake is either blind or simply knows less about football than a flower pot." Or both! xD Well, there are these ignorant fools who have no clue. Let them speak and write.

    Masche's a wonderful player who was a shining light in the dark all winter and spring. <3 I tend to think that Guardiola knows better than these idiots who's a great player, and Pep's called him an immense signing and a jewel of the team. :) <3

    Some people should just STFU. They're embarrassing only themselves with their ignorance. And just for the record, I'd not say Balotelli, Gourcuff or Kolarov failed either, even though they were not as excellent as Masche. I could mention some players that I think did fail but I'd rather not.

  2. Aditya9.9.11

    Mascherano is a very dedicated and hardworking player. Maybe he is not as skilled as the rest of Barcelona. But he is intent of proving his gratefulness and worthiness to the team for inducting him into the team. He can play any role, at any position. Long live Mascherano. Love your sincerity.


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