No more useless signings >> Read My Mind

I am pleased to see how Barca has finally used common sense when signing new players ahead of next season.

After years of wasting money in useless players with doubtful potential such as Hleb, Chygrinsky or Keirrison, FC Barcelona has opted for a much more reasonable approach: Only sign players the coach actually needs. Sounds simple, but Laporta couldn't actually do it!

Please note how I haven't included Zlatan 'The Diva' Ibrahimovic in the above Barca failures despite being the most expensive signing in Barca's history: Ibra is actually a good player that simply doesn't fit our style, he lacks the work ethic needed to suceed at the Camp Nou and expected Pep Guardiola to change the team to fit his game, not the other way round. Pathetic attitude from a player who should have never joined us.

Back to the topic: This summer's signings have a clear Guardiola stamp. Pep wanted Cesc. He didn't want any other midfielders, he just wanted to sign the Arsenal captain. And, if The Gunners hadn't released him, nobody would have taken that place in the squad: Pep would have tried again next summer. His contribution to the team is already evident despite Cesc having only played 4 matches so far!

Alexis Sanchez is another direct choice by our coach. Yes, Rossi was considered too as The Chilean Wonderkid's pricetag was heavy. Any of the two would have been great but, for me, Alexis has the edge in terms of age, raw speed and room for improvement. The moment he adapts to our formation, I expect Villa and Pedro to feel the pressure, which can only benefit the team as a whole.

This summer, Barca has signed Cesc, Alexis (plus Kiko and Rodri for our B-team) for a combined 58.5MILLeu. Thiago and Fontas were promoted for free.

Bojan, Jeffren, Oriol Romeu, Caceres have been sold for a total of 23.75MILLeu. Gabi Milito was released, Hleb and Keirrison are now loaned to minor teams who are stupid enough to pay some of their wages.

In my opinion, the Pep Team 4.0 is the strongest squad since FC Barcelona was founded back in 1899. We have vastly experienced players who could continue to dominate world football for years to come. Our bench players would be regular starters in any team on Earth. Glory must be ours again!