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Puyol: 'The draw with Milan was really unfair, and left a bad taste in our mouths.

Puyol: 'We’re aware of what we have in hand, the bar is very high, and what we’ll do is continue working as we have up to now, and not listen to what’s said from outside. Sooner or later the results we want will come. We’re in no doubt whatsoever'

Puyol: 'The draw with Milan was really unfair, and left a bad taste in our mouths. It was unfortunate, but we must move on and think about the next game. Results will come, because our first team work is very good'

Puyol: 'The praise we’ve received over the past few years doesn’t affect us, neither for better nor worse. Just a short while ago we were the best team in the world, and now, some have lots of doubts about us. It’s neither one nor the other. We know where we are and it’s normal that in a football team there are times when we're up and other times when we’re down'

Puyol: 'Having received 4 goals in just 2 match is a result of merits of the opposition, more than our failures. At Barça, we all defend and attack together. It’s not fair to say that the defence, or the defenders, are to blame'

- At FC Barcelona, the best defense is a good offense. This attitude is what makes us different from other teams around the world, what makes fans proud. Some not-so-good results can't make us doubt what we've taken so long to build.

The quality of passing against Milan was definitely not Barça's best. Xavi managed to find his spot within the midfield and combine well with Messi, Villa and Pedro but I felt the transition from defense was clumsy at times, with too many loose balls up for grabs for our opponents.


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