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Rosell: 'As far as I know, Real Madrid haven't signed Neymar yet'

Rosell: 'As far as I know, Real Madrid haven't signed Neymar yet'

Rosell: 'Neymar is a special player, different to others, can decide matches, Brazilians adore him. As with any other great football players around the world, Barça is monitoring his progress'

- I feel Sandro Rosell shouldn't keep mentioning Neymar whenever he faces the media. I wouldn't like to think he has any hidden interests behind this 'suspicious' admiration for the pinapple-haired striker...

As Cules already know, Rosell worked for Nike in Brazil before becoming president at FC Barcelona. Who does Neymar currently play for? Santos, in Brazil. What trademark sponsors Neymar's boots? You guessed it: Nike.

I'm not implying anything here but, in life, when you put 2 and 2 together it normally equals FOUR...

Since he took over as coach, Guardiola has developed a clear pattern of only signing players he feels can add to the team both on and off the pitch: David Villa, Javier Mascherano or Cesc Fabregas are living proof of his method.

Plus: Didn't Barça just spend 80MILLeu in signing Cesc Fabregas and Alexis Sanchez at Guardiola's direct request? Why is Rosell talking about new players now? What does Pep think about adding such an arrogant world superstar to our dressing room?

Oh! Let's not forget, has been flirting with Real Madrid for months now. If a player is unable to decide between the Camp Nou or the Bernabeu, he is simply NOT wanted.