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Xavi: 'The 3-4-3 system is quite good'

Xavi: 'The 3-4-3 system is quite good. Considering we are a team that maintains a lot of possession of the ball, it is a good idea to have an extra man in the middle. It does make it harder in defence, but I think it is better to be balanced towards having a stronger midfield. I think we’ve dominated all of the games so far this season, and have done well'

- I disagree. The 3-4-3 is not that good or, at least, is not too good YET. I feel changing the formation would be difficult for any team in the world, FC Barcelona are not the exception to the rule.

The Barça defense has historically been quite weak, mostly due to the attacking nature of our football. Since Guardiola took over as coach though, a higher possession percentage has meant our opponents have less of the ball, therefore produce a smaller number of goalscoring chances.

The theory is then clear: Have an extra midfielder, even more increased control of game pace. Sounds good but recent experience has shown Dani Alves out of position, leaving Mascherano exposed most of the time. Guardiola needs to find a way to fix the problem, and soon.

But as a wise person once told me: Practice makes perfect! Let's support Pep and our players, they deserve all the credit. And, if the 3-4-3 doesn't work, we can always go back to our classic defense of 4. No big deal!