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Pep Guardiola: 'Every day I think that I could be leaving the next day'

Pep Guardiola: 'Every day I think that I could be leaving the next day. I work better when I know that I have the freedom to decide my own future'

Pep Guardiola: 'There is a risk that you lose your passion for what you do when you sign a long-term contract. It is all about passion. The biggest wealth that someone can have is doing something that you really like. That is the essence of everything in my opinion'

- I'm not going to lie to you: Guardiola's uncertainty when it comes to committing to our club in the long runreally stresses me out, big time.

I think I speak for all Cules when I say that getting Pep to renew his contract for the next, say, 3 seasons would be the first priority I would want ahead of next season - above any transfers, as it would ensure continuity of the current Barça model.

Having said that, I totally respect the essence of Guardiola's decision: Earning his place as coach on a daily basis, based on players response and self-evaluation of his own performance.

Plus, it's obvious the Catalan Mastermind doesn't trust Sandro Rosell at all and wants to leave a door open if he ever needs to run away from a situation he doesn't feel 100% comfortable with.