No respect for players who leave Barça for Real Madrid!!! >> Read My Mind

I have been reading your comments lately and I have seen that some readers demand 'respect' for players like Luis Figo and Brazilian Ronaldo.

I have been reading your comments lately and I have seen that some readers demand 'respect' for players like Luis Figo and Brazilian Ronaldo.

As a Catalan fan who watched those 2 traitors play in the Camp Nou over their Barcelona years I have to say that a player who leaves FCB to go to Real Madrid deserves no respect whatsoever. And it is not about how well they played or how many goals they scored.

My brother had a Figo 7 Barça top that we had to burn after he left us for Madrid's dirty cash despite being our captain. He clearly didn't understand what the Catalan flag in his armband meant. When you play for FC Barcelona, you don't just join a team to score goals and win. As you know, 'Barça es mes que un club'. It is a feeling, a love for a country, a respect for your supporters and many more aspects that can't be measured with goal-scoring or assists stats. Figo's move to Madrid has to be the biggest betrayal in football history. I have no respect for him.

Ronaldo had a brilliant season in the Camp Nou, there's no doubt about that. The problem here was that he then wanted to double his wages despite having signed his contract just 6 months earlier, and threatened to leave to Inter Milan if his demands weren't met immediately. Negotiations broke and he left to Inter Milan, where he has a successful start until he injured his knee in 1999. Ronaldo recovered in time for the World Cup 2002 and joined Real Madrid that same summer, betraying the Inter fans who had been waiting for him (and paying his salary) during his 3 years in the sidelines. I have no respect for him either.

Joining Real Madrid after being part of Barça is worse than slapping all the Blaugrana fans with a sweaty sock across the face. It's betrayal, disrespect and shows no understanding of what playing in the Camp Nou means.