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Pau Gasol: 'My brother Marc and I will work hard to help Barça Regal'

Pau Gasol: 'My brother Marc and I will work hard to help Barça Regal'

Pau Gasol: 'I am grateful for the opportunity given to me by Barça. I’m very happy. It is different and special to be in these circumstances. It is very unexpected, but now I’m happy to work hard to help Barça Regal with everything I can'

Pau Gasol: 'It makes sense for us to come here. The option came up and Barça agreed and we are very grateful to be able to train with one of, if not the best squads in Europe. This is the club where we learned the game of basketball. We can offer quality to the training sessions. We will work hard, as if we formed part of the team, to add competitiveness and we hope that this will be a positive thing'

Pau Gasol: 'My idea is to join as many training sessions as possible in the afternoon and morning, we’ll see. If I have commitments outside of basketball I’ll always tell the coach. Our idea is to join the team dynamic. It is a situation that both Marc and I see as an opportunity. We are very grateful to Barça and we’ll do this naturally and professionally'

Pau Gasol: 'The Endesa Spanish League is the best in Europe, and if there is no NBA, then this would be the best option. I respect all the NBA players that have decided to play in Europe or China, but we have decided to train and we’ll see what happens later'

Pau Gasol: 'As for the NBA lockout, I don’t know what’ll happen. We are proud and happy that the players aren’t letting their arms get twisted regarding the teams’ demands and when the owners are ready to present an agreement that is fair for everybody then we’re ready to start competing again'

Pau Gasol: 'It would be a catastrophe for the whole NBA season to be cancelled. Nobody wants it to stop for a year. I’d understand it if some players choose to join top level teams. It would certainly be dramatic for the image of the league, the fans and the NBA players. It would have a negative effect on us, also financially, even if that were a necessary sacrifice for present and future players'

- As a LA Lakers fan, I would be pretty upset to see a cancelled season but, to be honest, I wouldn't mind that much if it means we get Pau Gasol to return to Barça as a result!!!