Barça players are disappointed but will turn things around!!! >> Read My Mind

Pique: 'We are Barça and we’ll move forward'

Pique: 'We are Barça and we’ll move forward'

Pique: 'I’m convinced that the team will give everything they’ve got to be fighting for the title at the end of the season. Fans can trust us. There are may games still yet to be played, a lot of points up for grabs. Madrid is doing things a bit better and we have to turn this situation around'

Víctor Valdés: 'We’re disappointed because it was a defeat that wasn’t expected. The team did a good job but we didn’t take advantage of our chances. We knew we had to win here but it didn’t work out. We have to pick ourselves up because we have a game right around the corner'

Víctor Valdés: 'We have to keep on fighting. The sooner we lift our heads the better. We have to work hard because we have a game in a couple of days. We have to concentrate on winning our matches. It’s a really negative result and we have to pick ourselves up as soon as possible'

- The message from the players is clear: We know what it takes to win, and will do so in the near future. Clearly there is an underlying message of disappointment in their words, but also hope and confidence in their own abilities and strengths.

These players and coach have given us everything over recent years. As fans, our only option now is supporting them, cheering them on for success, then wait until the end of the season to analyse matters as a whole.

La Liga is NOT over - We can, need to and will come back.