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Things at Barça have changed - for worse >> Read My Mind

Guardiola: 'There’s a lot of the League still yet to be played. We’ll get back on our feet and keep on going'

Guardiola: 'There’s a lot of the League still yet to be played. We’ll get back on our feet and keep on going'

Guardiola: 'We played a good game. I don’t think Getafe was better, but they won and we have to congratulate them. We knew that they were a team capable of defending really well'

Guardiola: 'In the first half we found spaces. After, being down 1-0, they played more defensively and when that happens it’s always more complicated. We tried to widen the field with Dani Alves and with our wingers'

Guardiola: 'I cannot reproach the team, exactly the opposite'

- Last season, we beat Real Madrid 5-0. We are now 6 points behind them. Something is clearly not working. It's time to analyse what took us to success then and has changed for worse.

1. I still don't know which players are in Pep's Starting Eleven, or what his ideal formation is. Fact: Barça have won 12 out the last 15 titles using a 4-3-3 formation. I still don't understand why that changes every 2 weeks or even during matches. In football, players must know what's expected of them, know where to find teammates for a pass before even looking - that doesn't seem the case.

2. Messi seems to be the only player who is able to score when it matters - La Pulga is undoubtedly our Player Of The Season so far. Yes, Villa and Pedro's form has dropped but surely the fact that they are constantly included in player rotation (while Messi isn't) has affected their confidence. The key of FC Barcelona's success has always been the unity of the squad - this seems to have changed as players are being treated differently.

Having said all of the above, these players and coach have given us everything over recent years. As fans, our only option now is supporting them, cheering them on for success, then wait until the end of the season to analyse matters as a whole. La Liga is NOT over - We can, need to and will come back.


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