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Guardiola: 'MARCA is lying'

Guardiola: 'MARCA is lying'

- The infamous pseudo-journalists at MARCA have nothing better to do with their lives and have therefore decided to talk rubbish about Barça (again). They say Villa is for sale and on his way to The Premiership. Rubbish!!!

To be honest, I'm not surprised. I mean, it must be incredibly frustrating for them that, after many months of hailing Mou5555inho's and Ronalda's Super Real Madrid, Guardiola and friends turn up at the Bernabeu and show them how to play football. 1-3. Slap. In your face. Shut it.

As they are so frustrated, they have to come back to their old hobby: Spreading rumours about FC Barcelona, trying to affect our concentration and self-belief.

But, guess what MARCA??? We couldn't care less about what you say. You can bark as loud as you want: Men talk on the pitch.

PS: Congratulations to Cristina Ronalda for his 2 goals against Ponferradina - She must be proud of herself, scoring against a Segunda Division B team, considering how badly she flopped against Barça on the weekend!!!!!