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Messi: 'A dream? To win the World Cup and the Copa America. That is what I am missing and I am convinced I will do it'

Messi: 'A dream? To win the World Cup and the Copa America. That is what I am missing and I am convinced I will do it'

Messi: 'I would be delighted to win a title with the national team. But it is clear I have nothing to prove, I have always been willing to help and it will always be like this'

Messi: 'I do not feel I owe anything to anyone, let us make that very clear. I am simply one more player on this team who wants the best for Argentine football. Little by little, our team is growing'

Messi: 'FC Barcelona have the best team in the world. Honestly, you cannot compare with Argentina, it is not worth it. Those who support Barca and those who do not admit it. This is the result of many years of work with the same team-mates. With Argentina, on the other hand, we have unfortunately not been able to achieve the results we wanted. There have been many coaches and we are starting from scratch'

- It is clear La Pulga Messi has a burning desire to succeed with his Argentinian national team. For him, it would be the prefect addition to his glorious FC Barcelona career, the trophy which would catapult him into the lead of the 'Who is the best footballer ever?' debate, ahead of Pele, Cruyff, Platini, Di Stefano and, most importantly, El Pelusa Diego Maradona.

Personally, I don't think Messi will win the World Cup any time soon - Spain are a superior team. La Roja have kept a more structured organisation, constantly calling up those players who are the backbone of the team, basically using Guardiola's work at Barça to their advantage. Argentina haven't, sacking managers on a yearly basis.

You may argue that La Albiceleste have fantastic players, but there have been many other national teams which, historically, have underperformed despite having many stars on their squad - Spain was a clear example of this before Luis Aragones' appointment as coach back in 2004.

Argentina have Messi but, at this moment, are nowhere near Spain in terms of team development. Messi will need to score many goals like the one below to achieve his dream. Good luck to you, Leo!!!