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Adriano: 'FC Barcelona wants the treble again this season'

Adriano: 'FC Barcelona wants the treble again this season'

Adriano: 'FC Barcelona wants the treble again this season. I really want to win the Cup with Barça. We missed out last season and now we have another opportunity . We'll need to put in a big performance because the return game will be very tough'

Adriano: 'Real Madrid will always be up there and we'll be going head to head with them until the end of the season, that's for sure . Our aim is to reach the finals of all the competitions and that's what we will keep on trying to do'

Adriano: 'The most important thing now is the tie against Osasuna, then we'll just have to wait and see if it's Madrid or Malaga in the next round. In the Cup, things are different – teams go all out for a win'

Adriano: 'Since I arrived here, I have learnt so much from him. He's like a father, a very important person in the group. I think he will stay and let's hope so. He's changed football and people all over the world can now see this game in a different way thanks to him'

- After a glorious 2011, starting a new year could be an opportunity to relax and enjoy the success achieved in recent times. Luckily for Cule fans around the world, this is not the case for The Pep Team.

In football, your opponents will always find a way to beat you if you stand still for too long. Pep Guardiola knows this and is committed to change with the times, constantly searching for new answers before questions are asked on the pitch. The Catalan Master keeps looking for ways to improve, perfecting an already well-defined formation.

From Adriano's words, it's easy to infer that Guardiola has managed to tattoo one very clear message in his players' foreheads: AMBITION. Members of this Barça squad are like hungry wolves: They never have enough!!!

Let's hope reports are true and Guardiola finally signs his contract extension soon so we can focus on football, not negotiations...