Guardiola's biggest challenge as Barça coach >> Read My Mind, plus Video

Guardiola: 'We did everything and more to win against Villarreal. We did everything to win. We shot on goal, we opened up the field, we controlled their strong points. In this season's La Liga we’ve tied a couple of games that we deserved to win and today is an example of that. We cannot forget that we played against an excellent opponent that played very well'

Guardiola: 'I’m very satisfied with the excellent response from the players after the effort against Real Madrid in midweek. Our first 15 or 18 minutes were very good, we generated chances. After that the game got a bit out of hand. The second half was excellent. They had one chance through Senna, no chances after that'

Guardiola: 'There are a lot of expectations on us, but we prefer to be in all the competitions. We have a lot of matches, for the last four years we’ve had games every three or four days, the players are used to it. Now we will pick ourselves up and we’ll fight for the Cup'

Messi: 'The second half of the season just started and there are many points still in play. We have to keep on going. All of the tournaments are important to us and we will try to win them all'

Puyol: 'The team will react; we’ll do more, whatever we must to win. There are no excuses, the players are used to playing every three days and La Liga is not lost. We will not give up'

Alves: 'We don’t give up on anything at FC Barcelona, we’ll fight until the end, always until the end. Being seven points behind Madrid is a significant disadvantage but we’ve achieved much more difficult things in the past and we must keep on trying. Away from home it’s a challenge for us to find equilibrium'

Busquets: 'There is no way we are going to give up on La Liga'

- It is not in Blaugrana DNA to give up before the final whistle. Cules will only accept defeat when La Liga is mathematically lost.

Having said that, chasing Los Blancos by 7 points is not an ideal situation. To be fair though, Madrid are leading the table deservedly thanks to consistently winning points. Yes, they're football isn't as beautiful as ours, but they're getting the job done.

Numbers don't lie: Barça have dropped 13 points away from home already, against Real Sociedad, Valencia, Bilbao, Getafe, Espanyol and Villarreal. With respect, three points should have been won in most of those away matches. At this moment in time, the La Liga champion can simply not afford so many clumsy results.

Referees, fatigue, injuries, match saturation are all EXCUSES. It's obvious these factors aren't helping, but justifying our poor away form based in those points would simply be the easy way out.

Guardiola is ahead of the biggest challenge of his FC Barcelona coaching career: Motivating his squad and convince them the current point difference can be overcome. With the best generation of players in Barça's long history feeling frustrated and angry in that dressing room, everything is possible.


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