Madrid is under pressure, not Barça >> Read My Mind, plus Video

Iniesta: 'If you want to win the league you have to have a great away record, particularly with the team we are going head to head with. We needed that win and in general we controlled the game and were really efficient. I hope that we'll continue improving as the season goes on, because we are full of confidence about our chances of holding on to the title'

Iniesta: 'We know that Madrid won't slip up much and we have to get points back on them. Regardless of whether they lose or not, we can't slip up. We have to start taking maximum points from every game, so that we can close the gap. There's five points between us, but we think we can get back'

Iniesta: 'We keep on improving every season. I get the feeling that the team have to get better and outdo themselves every season. What's more, Madrid are forcing us to better ourselves all the time. That is what will allow us to continue to be in there fighting for all the titles till the end of the season'

Messi: 'More than personally scoring goals, the most important thing is to win. Málaga is a great team and every match is difficult, even more so when you are playing away from home. In the second half we played really well'

Pique: 'It was time for us to win the right way. This season we’ve won our games with few goals and with close scorelines; we needed a game like this, where we had an ample margin of victory'

Valdes: 'We needed this win away from home for our morale because we had spoken about not killing off games and dropping points as a result'

Busquets: 'We have lost a lot of points away from home, but today we won comfortably in a difficult stadium and against a difficult rival. Barça’s first half was very good, however we didn’t create enough goal-scoring chances'

Adriano: 'This was one of our best games this season away from the Camp Nou'

- Beating teams such as Real Madrid, Valencia or Atletico is important, but won't get you the title unless you can add those crucial points against Racing, Zaragoza, Getafe or Sporting. Every single match counts and should be considered a final, regardless of whether you're facing Cristiano Ronaldo or Willy Caballero.

It's true Los Blancos keep winning but let's not lose hope: If we manage to knock them out of La Copa this Wednesday, the Madrid-press will begin to throw bricks at Mourinho and his gangsters, hopefully causing more damage and affecting their concentration in the process.

After winning 13 out of the last 16 titles we have competed for, Cule fans couldn't be prouder of our team. While we have achieved tremendously in recent years, those Mandriles have become increasingly frustrated.

Plus, don't forget it's much easier to chase the leaders than staying at the top spot throughout the whole season. Under pressure!!!!