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Valdes: 'We have no more room for error. We have dropped two important points against Villarreal. We have to win all the points that remain. If we want to fight for the league, we can not fail anymore because there is a rival in front of us that is very strong'

Valdes: 'Injuries can never be used as excuses. That would be small team that does that. There is enough strength in depth to deal with all of the games. Having said that, I have the feeling that we are tired. But we are facing opponents who are also playing a lot and nobody here ever said that this would be easy'

Valdes: 'I cannot say exactly what is happening, really. The important thing is that the team is working hard but we must continue giving our all - and more if necessary'

Pinto: 'The message coming from the squad is one of faith and confidence. We have very little margin for error, but we're not giving anything up. Challenges emerge every day, and that's nice. We are excited about excelling ourselves and achieving every target we have'

Pinto: 'The squad has always shown that it can stay strong despite any setbacks'

Pinto: 'We aren´t tired. We have good coaches and physios but it is hard for everything to work out perfectly every day. But the team is fully committed'

- Another day has passed, another similar message from the FC Barcelona press conference: This group of players will not give up. Admirable attitude, determined words. We now need to see an impact on the pitch, particularly away from home.

I said it at the beginning of the season and I will say it again: This season's Barça squad is stronger than last year's, when we lifted La Liga and Champions League.

The arrival of Cesc Fabregas has added another dimension to our midfield, not only in terms of ball possession but in the ability to score goals coming from the second line. With 12 goals in 24 appearances, The Fab4 is obviously a great addition.

The other big signing this year was Alexis Sanchez. Despite a string of initial injuries, El Niño Maravilla is growing stronger and is becoming simply indispensable for our attack, to the point that Guardiola even played him while injured against Villarreal last weekend. So far, numbers aren't too bad: 8 goals in 18 matches for Barça.

I wouldn't like to forget Thiago: His development has been remarkable, what an improvement for the youngster who had to wait for limited chances last season!!! He's definitely not a promising player anymore.

That reminds me: At least we are lucky enough not to hear the Bojan fan club complaining everytime the team fails to win a game anymore...

True, David Villa's absence is killing us. Pedro is far from his greatest form. Iniesta has already suffered 4 injuries. Afellay hasn't even trained once since July. Keita is in Africa representing his country in the African Cup of Nations. Up to 13 players have been injured at some stage this season.

Players look tired, not just physically but mentally. It seems surreal that we have dropped 13 out of 30 points away from home and, at the same time, won 28 out of 30 at the Camp Nou, scoring 43 goals in the process. We obviously need to focus!

Having said all of that, this is not the time to give up. We trust these players, they have made FC Barcelona what we are today.


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