Pathetic Madridistas blame the referee for their own mistakes >> Read My Mind

Mourinho, to the El Clasico referee after the match: 'You have no respect for professionals. You're going home to smoke a cigar now and have a good laugh, you b*****d'

Mourinho's agent: 'Dani Alves has changed since he came to Spain. He's undergone surgery on his ears, they've become smaller. And he's wearing glasses like an intellectual. However, a donkey with small ears and glasses is not all of a sudden a doctor, he's still a donkey'

Mourinho's agent: 'I've already said it before. When Barcelona play well, they're winning. If their opponents play better than them, the referee will help them to win'

Pepe: 'We showed the true 'Madridista' spirit, the spirit of a great group. We were very superior to Barca. We are proud of what we did and of what we have. The fans are also proud'

Sergio Ramos: 'I am happy that Real Madrid are appealing my second yellow card because even though some don't stop rolling around, I didn't touch him (referring to Busquets)'

Casillas, shouting at El Clasico referee: 'Teixeira, now you can go out and party with Barca!'

Casillas, later on: 'It was in the heat of the moment. You feel powerless when he looks the other way. I even got a yellow card when I tried to separate the players during a first half scrap'

Arbeloa: 'Madrid could have easily won at the Camp Nou because we were better. We would like referees to be fairer. The ref hurt us in small details. Some fouls and bookings we saw hurt us, and you can't end the match when a foul has been made in midfield'

- It seems surreal that a team who has refused to play football for so long suddenly turns around and pretends to be the victim of some sort of referee crusade against them. Am I the only human on Earth who saw Pepe, Coentrao, Ramos and Lass savagely attacking Messi during El Clasico??!!??

To be honest, I am very pleased to hear that those pathetic Madridistas keep blaming everyone but themselves for their constant failures against Barça. They still haven't worked out that, despite their constant efforts to hide it, the truth is we are still the better team. Regardless of whether or not they had more or less chances than us during some of the SECOND LEG of the tie, football is on Los Blaugranas' side.

While Pep Guardiola is already looking ahead at the match against Villarreal, all the Madrid-based press and players keep talking about is their defeat at La Copa Del Rey. It's funny how, before the tie started, both Mourinho and Casillas clearly said El Clasico was NOT that important.

I don't know about you, but I don't normally start insulting everyone around me over something I don't care about!