Atletico Madrid 1-2 Barça >> Barçablog Fan Reaction

In this section, we will highlight today's most significant comments that the Barç fans shared before, during and after the game. THANK YOU for following the match with us!!!

Drago said: 'Firstly, I hope Maradona saw the outstanding performance by Valdes after his ridiculous assessment of VV as a keeper. One has to praise the efforts by Atletico who competed really well. From our point of view, we dug really deep in difficulty circumstances to achieve a great victory. Every week Messi does something to amaze us and today was no different. Proud of our team'

Jerad said: 'Valdes made some crucial saves today. Best goalkeeper in the world!'

Jesaya said: 'Thanks Messi for that winning goal. Atletico were pressuring but we managed to take all 3 points, I'm behind u all the way, we can stil win the la liga. Let's focus on each game an take it as a final'

Jerad said: 'We need to get better at defending corners! Defensive errors have hurt us badly this season'

Cecilia said: 'Cesc needs to calm down at times. Atleti defended very well; and their counter attacks were dangerous'

Chika said: 'Balanced game and great defending by masche and co. We need to make our chances count. Fantastic game so far, well done guys!'

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