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FC Barcelona beat Real Sociedad at the Camp Nou tonight, 2-1. Tello and Messi scored for the Blaugranas.

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Match Report:

FC Barcelona beat Real Sociedad at the Camp Nou tonight, 2-1. It definitely wasn't a spectacular win, but they are all worth the same: 3 points which allow us to continue our quest for our 4th consecutive La Liga.

Guardiola chose up to 8 La Masia players in our starting lineup and decided to rest Xavi, Abidal, Busquets ahead of the Copa Del Rey semifinal return leg in midweek.

Tello celebrated his La Liga debut with his first ever goal in this competition after just 8 minutes, after a typical Messi assist. A great start to the match.

The rest of the first half saw plenty of Barça control and chances, but Messi, Cesc, Thiago and Alves all failed to convert. It sort of feels as if scoring goals is much harder these days...

Not much changed after the halftime break, with The Pep Team still in control but failing to transform their total 69% possession into goals.

After 72 minutes, I jumped out of my seat to celebrate Messi's goal. La Pulga is obviously going through a difficult patch, chances he would normally score easily seem to be turning slightly more difficult. Good for him, good for the team as a whole.

Shortly after, Thiago lost a ball carelessly in defense, Real Sociedad scored without hesitation. Once again, our rival gets an easy goal due to a silly mistake. Not great.

The final minutes made me quite anxious, as any other errors would have critically damaged our chances in La Liga. Luckily, that 2-1 scoreline stayed until the final whistle.

All in all, an unconvincing Blaugrana victory which keeps us in the title race. Reality check: We won't always win 5-0, especially without Xavi, Iniesta, Villa, Pedro or Alexis on the pitch. The kids from La Masia gained valuable experience and playing time. And most importantly: Three more points towards our point tally. Game's up - move on.


FC Barcelona:Valdés; Alves, Puyol (Abidal, m.76), Mascherano, Adriano; Dos Santos (Busquets, m.76 (Piqué, m.82), Thiago, Cesc; Tello, Messi y Cuenca.

Real Sociedad: Bravo; Carlos Martínez, Mikel González, Iñigo Martínez, Cadamuro; Aranburu, Markel, Rubén Pardo (Llorente, m.78); Xabi Prieto (Aguirretxe, m.83), Griezmann; e Ifrán (Vela, m.58).

My 5-4-3-2-1 FC Barcelona points:

Puyol - 5 points
Tello - 4 points
Valdes - 3 points
Messi - 2 points
Cesc - 1 points

Barça 2-1 Real Sociedad (Man Of The Match)

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