Barça is missing far too many players to be brilliant >> Read My Mind, plus Video

Guardiola: 'In the end we beat Real Sociedad by a short margin, and we could have tied, it’s true that we generated a lot of good football, and you go home with a strange feeling'

Guardiola: 'Let’s see if we can get some injured players back. The players we have are putting in a titanic effort, and on Wednesday they have another win or die match that will decide if we can play and leave the King’s Cup to one side so we can focus on the other two competitions. I hope we can play the final'

Guardiola: 'Tello is a pure winger, a bullet, very fast. He’s the type of player that’s very hard to find, he’s very young, and with time he’ll learn more things. He did a great job today. Jonathan Dos Santos played very responsibly. He is a better player now. Today we became stronger as an institution'

Valdes: 'It’s been a hard match, it’s very cold, but we played well. It was a very close result, the supporters were suffering because of us but we fought until the end. In general terms, the team was on form'

Valdes: 'It’s important to win all the La Liga games that we have to play, we are in a situation that leaves us with no margin of error, we have to keep on winning three points each week and wait for Madrid to stumble'

Tello: 'We worked hard to win this match because we needed it. I have to thank the manager for the confidence that he gives me, I’m very happy. There’s a lot of Liga left and a lot of points still in play. We have to fight for the title until the end'

Dani Alves: 'We had the chances to score more goals, but in the end the game was difficult. We gave them a chance, and they came after the game after their goal. Despite that, we fought to win the three points'

Dani Alves: 'We’re also very motivated for the Copa Del Rey game on Wednesday. We have the chance to enjoy another final, but we’re going up against a very difficult rival and we hope the supporters come to cheer us on'

- When you have to compete for SIX titles each season, there are moments when you simply can't be as sharp as usual. The match against Real Sociedad was a clear example of that: Despite the absences of Xavi, Iniesta, Villa, Pedro, Alexis, Keita and others, the three points stayed at the Camp Nou. Target achieved.

Let's focus on knocking Valencia out the La Copa Del Rey now. That 1-1 draw we achieved at the Mestalla should help us reach that final, despite the many absences we currently have. The time is now!!!


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