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Cruyff: 'Guardiola played for Barcelona and is now coach. He's a real club man and will not leave them in a lurch. He will not wait two months before announcing his decision. If he did not have any doubts about his future, he would already have made a decision'

Messi: 'Pep knows what we think and he will make the decision when he sees fit. We want him to continue. He means a lot to us and to this club'

Xavi: 'The coach has given us a great security. He is the key. We'd love him to renew because we are very happy with him. We have to wait because, after all, it is he who must decide. But he will renew'

Pique: 'He must continue at Barca for all he has experienced and for all there is still to experience. Guardiola is key in the dressing room,he gave me the opportunity to experience this and I will always be grateful to him. I will never argue any decision he makes'

Iniesta: 'I hope that Guardiola renews and that he stays with us for a long time. He has to decide and he knows that the team wants him to stay. That’s everyone’s wish. Guardiola is eager. We have a lot of beautiful things still yet to see'

Laporta, former FCB president: 'Guardiola is giving it all as a coach and he will a thoughtful and reasoned decision – and it shall be respected by the club. He always said he would renew every year and he has every right to take time to think before making an important decision. I understand this period of reflection'

Luis Enrique: 'The future of Guardiola? I want him to continue for himself and for the club. He's very smart, is Catalan and carries the spirit of Barca inside, but has yet to decide on his future and clearly express it'

- With such overwhelming support, it seems clear everyone involved in Barça's world wants Guardiola to stay for as long as humanly possible - I'm sure you can see how his relentless approach to the job can be highly stressful.

Despite that fact, Pep's delay in making his mind up is clearly unsettling our squad and distracting them from the key objective here: Winning titles.

I honestly don't get why he's waiting so long. He has the best players on Earth at his disposal, all behind him 100%, he's adored by the fans and the media respect him. He would definitely not be better anywhere else - You only need to look at poor soul Villas-Boas at Chelsea...

You can read more on my feelings on Guardiola's renewal here.


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