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There has been massive uproar in the Spanish media this week due to some low-life Canal + France puppet show accusing Contador, Nadal, Gasol, Casillas and, as a result, Spanish sport of succeeding only based on taking drug-enhancing substances.

Here are some of the videos:

Nadal: 'Les Guignols show is a repeat offender. One day is ok but when, from what I understand, it is done repeatedly then that is not so good because it crosses the line a bit. And it is always with the same focus'

Nadal: 'The institutions in general have to defend us because I don't think it is a campaign against me or a campaign against anyone. It is a campaign against Spain in general, and against Spanish sports'

Nadal: 'I don't think it is only Canal Plus that does it. I think there are other media pushing it along and I think that is something punishable because in Spain sportspeople who are not clean are punished, they don't compete'

Nadal: 'With a lot less resources than them we have achieved much more in the last years so we are doing something better -- it is not a question of pills or syringes, I can assure you'

Pau Gasol: 'I'm quite surprised about how certain media has taken in advantage of Contador's sentence (with no proof) to damage the image of the Spanish sport. We achieve successes in several sportive modalities thanks to our work, talent, effort and humility'

Pique: 'I read the press and see everyone speaking about the damn puppets... I think that we shouldn't give such nonsense any importance! There are more important things to worry about these days'

- As most of you know, I was born in Barcelona and consider myself Catalan. At the same time, my mum is from Southern Spain and therefore feel Spanish too. I know this may sound weird to some people but, considering the number of Blaugrana fans around the world, I'm certain I'm not the only one who feels this way.

About the video: While I am appalled that the French show 'Les Guignols' is ridiculing Spain's sporting dignity, it's obvious that it is only a self-publicity stunt by a reduced group of comedians which, as it seems, have hit jackpot by insulting our sportsmen. I'm sure the bosses at Canal + France are laughing and smiling after realising how much attention their stupid show is getting these days.

What we should do is simple: IGNORE them. As I've written many times on this blog: 'MEN talk on the pitch'. The best response to this ferocious attack is beating them next time we play against them, winning their Tour The France, thieir beloved Roland Garros, the Euro 2012 at football and the London 2012 Olympics at basketball.

If we achieved all of the above, they may insult us some more but, be assured, we would show them our trophies and smile contently in response.

Or even better: Next time Nadal wins the French Tennis Open, he should take a p*ss in the middle of Center Court while drinking a 3 litre can of Toro Rojo (Spanish for Red Bull).

I would also like to share the following video though:

Madrid-based pathetic masters MARCA published this video when, last July, Barça were unfairly accused of winning due to drug-taking (which, surprise surprise, is the exact same thing the French are doing to them now). What was their reaction then? Did MARCA defend the EIGHT SPANISH WORLD CUP WINNERS who play at the Camp Nou? OF COURSE NOT, they made a cartoon and laughed at Iniesta's chorizo sausage instead.

Interesting how the cookie crumbles according to who is accused and where from...


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