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Guardiola: 'I don’t think we will win the league, but we’ll compete to be the team that we have been in the past'

Cesc: 'Our priority must be winning La Copa and the Champions League now. Ten points is a big difference but we need to continue to focus or else we won't win anything. It's complicated but we must stay focused'

- However harsh these words may seem, it seems pretty clear that the Spanish RFEF will not allow Barca to win La Liga this season. Fact.

It is shameful that Messi has received as many yellow cards as Pepe at this stage in the season. The Psycho has commited 24 fouls, La Pulga 17. Considering how differently they behave on the pitch, that fact is laughable. Also, Madrid has been awarded 10 penalties - only 3 for Barca. And the list goes on and on and on...

As I said yesterday, the Spanish RFEF and Real Madrid should share the La Liga trophy!!!

At this point, I'm more inclined to focus on winning La Copa and Champions League than chasing Los Blancos for a title that, based on evidence, we are not allowed to win.

We need to start looking ahead and use the Spanish league as preparation for those more important matches. It is well-known that Xavi, Iniesta and other key players have been suffering from continuous injuries this season. Messi has virtually played every minute of every match. Without those 3 players, our the Pep Team is much weaker - Resting them in preparation for bigger games must be Pep's priority.

Does this mean I want Barca to give up on La Liga? Absolutely NOT. Our squad may not be too long, but we have enough quality besides The 3 Little Giants to challenge for the domestic title without needing to overuse their services.

Thiago has already shown he can lead the team if given the chance. Cesc can partner him and add his experience as a creative link. Busquets, Keita or Mascherano can complete our midfield effectively.

Upfront, I feel players have a tendency to look for Messi whenever they struggle to find other alternatives - which is only natural, as La Pulga's impact is such that he can win us the match with one of his trademark runs. Keeping Messi on the bench would transfer that extra responsibility to others - which they need in order to develop their own skills further.

I loved our MVP attack last season. Taking Messi away, we only have Villa and Pedro left. While El Guaje is sadly injured (FCB are missing him big time!), Pedro needs to regain his previous form but can't do it without playing time. Tello and Cuenca also need to prove their explosion into the Pep Team can be turned into a long-term position. Afellay showed great details but the guy has been sidelined for so long it's hard to say whether he will come back to his previous self or not. And what about Alexis? What could he do without Messi? Well, let's hope Pep gives us the answers to these questions soon.


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