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Neymar: 'Ronaldinho has always been something of a benchmark for me'

Neymar: 'I have always kept in mind the advice of Ronaldinho and he spoke wonders of FC Barcelona and the city, which he told me is marvellous'

Neymar: 'Barca are an excellent team and, as everyone knows, they are full of stars'

- I have been trying to ignore this topic for quite a long time now, but I guess it is time to explain my opinion on the Neymar soap-opera.

Every time you start exploring the Catalan or Spanish media, there is yet another Pineapple Kid story for you. Whether you like it or nor, there he is, staring at you, with his cheeky smile and rockstar attitude, mostly attending parties, showing off his girlfriends and (very rarely) playing a bit of football.

I have to admit I sense an improved media attitude from him though. I haven't recently read any open comments in regards to a transfer to Madrid or Barca, which shows he must finally be showing some respect for the club he actually get paid by: Santos.

The Catalan media is full of details which, supposedly, are certain to take Neymar to the Camp Nou. Guess what: They are all based on money, not football. They talk about sponsorship, contract percentages, celebrity power, long-term deals... Not a word mentioned about football but, last time I checked, the point of signing a player is their football skills, right??

My opinion on the 20-year-old Pineapple Kid has always been clear: No, thank you. My attitude towards his signing was based on his rockstar attitude off the pitch. Having said that, if Guardiola (please sign the damn contract Pep!!) thinks he can handle the guy, I would give him my support once he becomes part of our squad. Not the 'Star of the team' or 'The next Messi': Simply of us. That's enough.

As I mentioned in this previous article, Barca have fallen short of alternatives in attack this season - mainly due to the absences of Villa, Afellay and even Pedro at many stages this season. The fact that so many major European teams are after him shows that Neymar must be a classy striker - or have a fair degree of potential at least. Would I welcome a player who adds quality to our team? Of course, as long as he's prepared to put the work in.

Player humility and focus on the job in hand has been key for the Pep Team's recent success. If our coach feels adding Neymar to the squad won't unsettle the balance, then I am happy for Barca to sign him - He may even be a good player if you leave his fame and money to one side, you know?


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