It's Barça's turn to stop and celebrate >> Read My Mind, plus Video

Guardiola: 'In Valencia we played an extraordinary game, and tonight we did it again. We generated a lot of football, with an almost infinite amount of plays. Save the first minutes of each half, when we could go at them we had the game and we didn’t let it slip away'

Guardiola: 'Reaching three Copa Del Rey finals in four years is a great achievement, it says a lot about the players. When you’re tempted to doubt a player, to say that they are tired or comfortable, count to five or six and think about how some people regard this competition as the least prestigious, the one that’s least valuable, we’ve reached the final three out of four years'

Guardiola: 'We’re very excited to play against Athletic. We’ve happy to have another final saved away. It’s a final with the teams that have the most titles in the competition. I believe it will be fascinating, because I haven’t seen a team that plays into space like Athletic. They will come for us, and we’ll do the same. It’ll be a beautiful final for spectators that will give prestige to the competition'

Guardiola: 'The players are calm. Happy, knowing that they won the tie. I’d say that they are pleased, but calm, they did what they had to do'

Xavi: 'We are very happy to be in the final. We have got through some tough ties and deserve to be here, we believe we were superior to all our opponents and dealt with things well. The whole squad has celebrated. We are enjoying fine form and sometimes don't appreciate what we have. This is a moment to enjoy'

Cesc Fabregas: 'We’re happy, very happy. The objective was to reach the final and we achieved that. I’m enjoying the moment. We now have to put the final aside and think about the Liga and the Champions League. If we have to celebrate something, let it be at the end of the season with the most amount of titles possible'

Alexis Sanchez: 'We all know that Valencia is a great team and they made it difficult for us. We controlled the game and we scored our second goal. I always want to play. I’m never satisfied with what I do, I always want to keep on winning. Guardiola and Bielsa are very similar in how they work. Our opponent in the Cup final is a good team and we’ll see what happens'

- At FC Barcelona, expectations are huge. Our squad, coaches and the fans are constantly focused in winning every single title under the Sun, always eager for the next challenge, beating the next opponent, improving different aspects of our game.

Despite the match against Valencia wasn't perfect (some missed chances, not-so-great of defensive pressure from our wingers, poor start despite playing at home), I will not go into much negative detail. It's time to celebrate. It's time to be proud of who we are and how we got here.



PS: When is Madrid playing the Copa Del Rey final? Oh, wait... They're not. I hope they enjoy the match on TV...


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