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Guardiola: 'I had a better time in the second half, [however] we played better in the first. The second half should be a lesson to us for the return leg. The Germans have a great virtue, they only need half a chance to put you in a bind. Their faith is indestructible'

Guardiola: 'Scoring three goals away from home is great, the guys behaved themselves like they always do. We took a step towards the quarterfinal draw. I can’t expect to come here and not concede goalscoring chances. We also created quite a few chances in the second half'

Guardiola: 'I have the perception that since we were on such good form before it makes us seem merely regular now, but we’re OK. These guys are artists when it comes to competing'

Guardiola: 'Messi continues to demonstrate a certain fortitude that’s vital for us. He’s the best and we’re fortunate to have him. Why didnt Pique play? Next Saturday we don’t have Mascherano or Alves, I couldn’t afford to lose Gerard. I called up Bartra because we needed him and I wanted him to be on the bench. Piqué knows that I have lots of love for him. For us, he’s untouchable'

- Many doubters used the poor away form in La Liga to attack the Pep Team, hoping to create a ficticius sense of insecurity amongst the Cule fans around the world. Despite that, our players came out and stuck to what they do best: Winning football matches.

It was obvious the team was geared up to have a good performance. Guardiola's lineup made sense too, influenced by Xavi's injury. Interesting how Piqué was left out based on a 'tactical decision': More like a proper punishment for low recent form in my eyes!!!

And what about Alexis' current form? The Chilean Kid is on fire!! I just love how the guy leaves his soul on the pitch every single night, fighting for every ball as if he was in fact a defender (what Pedro and Villa would do if they were fully fit right now). In a season where most goal scoring responsibility seems to be on Messi, El Niño Dinamita is proving a convincing, much-needed alternative.

Another point: I find it weird how different everything seemed last night though. The referee did his job properly, you could tell the guy wasn't pressurised by anybody and was able to do his job in relative peace. Mourinho's dirty tactics, those tricky messages that he has been sending to Spanish officials via the Madrid-based media for over 16 months now clearly have no effect in Europe - as we saw in the semis last year. Porque???? I wonder why... Does anyone here doubt Pepe The Psycho would have been sent off by that ref last night if he repeated his El Clasico behaviour??

The return match at the Camp Nou should now just be a matter of controlling the game and ensuring qualification for the next round, after that 1-3 result. A good amount of well-deserved good vibrations if you ask me...


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