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Rosell: 'The referees sometimes favour you and other times hurt you, but usually everything is balanced out by the end of the season. But, for now, things do not look good for Barça'

Guardiola: 'I continue believing that Barça does not complain about the referees. It’s entirely different to opine if a certain play was or wasn’t a penalty, but we know that they have the right to make mistakes. Ever since I started managing, I try to think that the refs do not exist'

Guardiola: 'President Rosell has been exemplary since he started, just like President Laporta. We have never turned the referees into an excuse for adverse results. My conscience is clear, because I respect the referee system, because it doesn’t help me if I do complain, and because not only do I represent myself, but an institution as well'

Pique: 'The media are putting more importance on the referees than they are on the players. We're turning this into a circus'

Thiago: 'No one should talk about referees. You lose the essence of football when it comes to referees. You have to talk about good football. The referees, with their virtues and defects, do their job, just like players do'

Karanka, Mourinho's assistant/puppet: 'Barça know that they do complain. Now it's them who are talking about referees'

- I understand that refereeing can not be an easy job. Nobody actually acknowledges your good work, but whenever you mess up, millions of people realise and are prepared to critisize you. Having said that, it seems obvious that, when you need to take a crucial decision within a couple of seconds, many factors can influence your thinking.

The Madrid-based media are trying to convince the Spanish public that FCB are constantly complaining about the refs. In what can only be interpreted as another one of their pathetic attacks, there seems to be a new episode to the saga on a daily basis. They're obviously trying to blame us for what THEY have been doing for years!!!

Those Madridistas obviously suffer from 'Very-poor-memory' syndrome. Have they forgotten Mourinho's '13 mistakes' show back in December 2010? Or when The Portuguese Whiner cried 'I'd be ashamed to win matches like Guardiola' and 'I'd like to end matches with eleven players'? How about Casillas complaining 'The referees have shot us, robbed us and stolen our place in the final' after last year's Champions League semis? Poking Vilanova and getting away with it? Marcelo's karate-kick on Cesc? Pepe's psycho step on Messi??!!!???!!???

Los Blancos have also conveniently forgotten about Mourinho's visit to the Camp Nou garage after being knocked of La Copa Del Rey 10 days ago - really poor memory indeed, worse than Nemo's best friend Dory. Here are The Whiner's classy words to the official: 'You have no respect for professionals. You're going home to smoke a cigar now and have a good laugh, you b*****d''

Look, it's clear The Blaugranas aren't leading La Liga because they haven't performed as well as in previous seasons so far, especially against the so-called 'minor' teams away from home. As a result, blaming the refs is a mere EXCUSE, but nobody can deny it's an influential factor.

In my experience, there is absolutely no point in Barça complaining about refereeing decisions in Spanish football - the people running the RFEF are increasingly tired of FCB winning every year, it's not good for business, you know? Plus, I bet they have Cristina Ronalda Dolce & Gabbana posters all over their bedroom walls...


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PS: I would like to point out that the idea from this article came from one of Drago's comments on a previous post. THANK YOU!!!! (as you can see, your comments DO count!!!!)

Drago commented: 'I dont like saying this but I feel we need to continue to put pressure on them. Our rival does it very well. The result can be that be that referees will give you the benefit of the close calls. Unfortunately, that is the way things seem to work. Video technology would go a long way to solving that but that is another story.'