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Guardiola: 'I do not feel like going to places where we are not wanted'

Guardiola: 'All we want is to dignify the Cup of His Majesty the King pf Spain. If they do not want us to go to their stadium, we won't go. We will go to another city. Of the options we had, the Bernabeu the option with the most capacity, so it was the obvious choice for both Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona'

Guardiola: 'But if they do not want us, why should we go? No worries, there is no problem if we play at Mestalla. It is appreciated that they want to receive us there. But elsewhere, they don't want us'

- It's clear then: Real Madrid are not willing to share their Bernabeu stadium for the (let's not forget): SPANISH KING'S Copa Final. How childish, selfish and inconsiderate.

In other words: Los Blancos are refusing to host a match in honour of the person who rules over every Spaniard alive. Forgive my innocence, but I thought Madrid was meant to be an ULTRA-Spanish club??!!?? I mean, they love calling us Catalans 'Polacos' (Polish) but they refuse to obey orders from the Spanish Royals - Interesting hypocritical approach...

The bottom line here is President Florentino Perez is behaving like a spoilt child who takes the boardgame away the moment he begins to lose. The mere thought of seeing Puyol lift La Copa at Madrid's wrongly called 'fortress' makes his rich stomach shiver with fear.

So what's their excuse then? Well, a rock concert 8 days earlier. Poor effort: The Camp Nou lawn has been replaced in less time in many occasions, the difference being Blaugrana bosses actually have a minimum amount of common sense - or the so-called 'Politeness gene'.

I feel sorry for the people who own hotels, restaurants and other businesses in the Madrid area. An influx of 100,000 visitors would have definitely boosted their accounts, especially weak during these times of economical difficulties. I guess Florentino's pride, while sitting at home counting his millions, is much more important at the moment!

Another point is Cule and Bilbaino fans not knowing where to book their transport to. Fan support is essential for these events but not knowing where to travel to yet will increase the cost of the trip.

All in all, a total shambles which can only be blamed on the Madrid bosses. My mum always said: 'Sharing is caring' - I guess she was wrong, it's all about money these days...

Sure, the final can be played elsewhere (Mestalla being the more likely option) but that would mean 40,000 potential fans would miss the opportunity to attend as any other stadium in Spain has considerably less capacity.

Can the Spanish RFEF not see we need a fixed year-in-advance arrangement like they do in the Champions League? Or even better: A Wembley-like model that is used every season regardless of the teams who qualify??? It's honestly not rocket-science.


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