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Pique: 'There’s a lot of Liga left and we’ll give it our all. Other teams (Real Madrid, without naming them) will have to win, perhaps the competition will prove a bit too long for them'

Guardiola: 'Maybe La Liga run-in will be too long for us, not Madrid'

- Since Guardiola took over as manager, his ability to keep his players under close control has been one of the main reasons for success.

It is well-documented that Pep removed Ronaldinho and Deco from his first year's squad as they were a poor influence for Leo Messi who, at the time, was an up-and-coming youngster who was ready to explode his potential if given the chance. Time has proven Guardiola's unpopular decision right.

After winning the 2009 Champions League title, with Eto'o being a key factor for the win, Pep decided to sell him on due to a lack of 'feeling'. This move caused tremendous uproar within fans (some are still upset now) and ended up with the African Lion landing a further Champions League to his trophy cabinet with Inter Milan - defeating Barca in the process.

On the plus side though, Eto'o's departure enabled an even bigger role for Messi as a 'false striker' (partly as a result of Ibrahimovic's self-inflicted Catalan fiasco). La Pulga is on target to become Barca's top EVER goalscorer soon at only 25 years of age so, in my opinion, Pep's decision to remove Eto'o from the squad was also right.

You may be wondering: Why are you saying all of this now? Well, I am starting to see early signs of a repeat story with Gerard Pique.

Even blind people can see the Catalan Giant's form has clearly dropped this year. Whether his waka-waka antiques off the field are to blame is not for me to say but so much paparazzi attention, Twitter focus and, most importantly, mistakes on the field are beginning to have a response from Guardiola - Why else would Pique be sitting in the stands during a crucial CL match in Germany?

Sure, it is not a major problem yet but, knowing how Pep has axed his stars in the past, his 'technical decision' can definitely not be ignored - It was a clear wake-up call, a way to make the player and the rest of the squad know that poor performances WILL have a consequence, whatever your name or status within the team.

I personally think Pique has the skills to become a Barca legend and should use his time playing alongside Puyol to his advantage: Gerard is the obvious choice to fill El Capitano's gap when he retires. Let's hope he works hard enough to achieve that goal!!!


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