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Guardiola: 'People need to be calm, I know what I'm doing'

Guardiola: 'I know when I have to do it and how it needs to be done. Once I've made my decision I will inform President Rosell. Winning titles has nothing to do with my decision'

Piqué: “Guardiola should renew his contract because of everything we all have lived these last years and what we will live in the future. He decides and we respect his decisions. Let’s not make a big thing out of it'

Pique: 'Personally, I think his biggest doubts are related to his family and his personal life. He has to dedicate 24 hours a day to football, and that's too much sometimes. We are doing all we can for him to renew. All the players have stated what we want and we are doing all we can on the pitch to show how much we would like him to stay with us. But it's his decision, and we have to respect it'

Xavi: 'Pep is very motivated and he plans out the games like he always does. He’s still a winner, a leader in the dressing room. I think he’s doing great but it’s his call and we’ll have to wait for his decision. I think he’ll end up renewing his contract'

Xavi: 'The manager has given us a spectacular level of self-confidence. The boss is a key part of this machinery. We would all like him to renew and for him to stay. We feel good about this manager. He’s a fundamental piece for Barça but we’ll have to wait for his decision'

- It is inevitable. Every season, however successful our squad is, the press starts filling up with millions of rumours around February/March time. This year's star of the show, perhaps not even unexpectedly, is coach Guardiola - Not Van Persie, Neymar, Alba or Silva. Oh man, here we go again...

His renewing-contract-on-a-yearly-basis approach fills millions of Cules around the world with anxiety. In my opinion, fans deserve better than this unnecessary show which bores us all to death every Winter.

While managers anywhere else are desperate to hang on to their jobs, the guy coaching the most successful team in modern football is refusing to stay. But why?

As we all know, Pep is a special man. All he does comes from the heart. His life has been devoted to Barça, even long before he stepped on the Camp Nou for the first time - Yes, as a ballboy.

The key problem is not whether his squad has enough quality: It's about how much desire and effort they put in. Being 10 points behind Madrid in La Liga hurts, but if Pep can spot signals of determination from his players, be sure he will re-sign.

Guardiola has the right to ask for more time to make his decision, of course. He can also argue he spends all of his life focusing on tactics, formations and match preparations. I can understand Pep wanting a break but, putting Barça first, it's President Rosell who must decide whether to wait for him or not.

It's late February. Next season's player signings must be planned, those sort of negotiations can't be left for the last minute - unless you want to pay way over the asking price, Mandril style.

Barca needs Pep to sign that contract or, sadly, ask him to leave. The future of our club is much more important than any individuals, whatever their name.


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