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FC Barcelona drew at the Mestalla against Valencia, 1-1. Puyol scored our goal.

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Match Report:

FC Barcelona have earned a valuable 1-1 draw at the Mestalla Stadium in the first leg of La Copa Del Rey's semifinals against a feisty Valencia side.

I was surprised to see how Guardiola decided to leave Alves and Xavi on the bench for technical reasons - risky decision considering we were playing the SEMIFINALS of a major tournament.

It was not your usual first half, Los Ches pushed from the start and FCB failed to keep control for at least 30 mins. Possession was 'only' 60% at halftime, showing how this team misses Xavi and Iniesta whenever they're not there.

Pinto should have been sent off after a clear hand-ball outside the area. Funny how Spanish refereeing works, after President Rosell complained about them yesterday...

Showing his Lion Heart, Puyol equalised with a furious header after a great cross from a corner. That's definitely the spirit!!!

The second half saw an improved Barça, with some more elaboration in midfield. Despite this fact, Messi continued looking lonely at front, almost being forced to try too hard, as if he needed to dribble the whole of Valencia by himself. To make things worse, La Pulga then saw his penalty saved... Frustrating.

Alves eventually came in, adding some extra pace and sharpness to our attack. The Brazilian Moto GP hit the post after a quick combination with Messi.

Tonight's result may be considered another away draw but, put into perspective, it can be interpreted as a big step towards the final: That Puyol goal may prove extremelly valuable at the Camp Nou.


Diego Alves - Miguel, Rami, V.Ruiz, Mathieu - Albelda, Banega; Piatti, Jonas, Jordi Alba - Soldado.

FC Barcelona:
Pinto, Puyol, Piqué, Mascherano, Abidal, Busquets, Fàbregas, Thiago Alexis, Messi, Cuenca

My 5-4-3-2-1 FC Barcelona points:

Puyol - 5 points
Cesc - 4 points
Cuenca - 3 points
Abidal - 2 points
Messi - 1 points

Valencia-Barça (Man Of The Match)

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