Barça 2-0 Athletic Bilbao >> VOTE your Man Of The Match, Match Report and Player Ratings

Barça achieved a valuable 2-0 victory against Bielsa's Athletic de Bilbao. Goals by Iniesta and Messi.

Match Report:

Min 10, 0-0 - Electric start of the match from Barça, they clearly want to take control from very early on. THIS IS THE WAY, BOYS, KEEP GOING!!!!!

‎Min 24, 0-0 - Bilbao seem to have organised themselves slightly better in the last 10 minutes, being able to steal some balls from our midfielders. Fouls flying everywhere, the Spanish ref not doing much, as usual.


HALFTIME, 1-0 - A direct performance from FCB so far, with Iniesta taking over from Xavi directing the Blaugrana orchestra. Messi as sharp as ever, Alexis, Adriano and Alves pretty incisive from the wings. I'm loving our players' attitude despite the Madrid win earlier tonight. This match isn't over though, this Athletic side is capable of turning this result around. KEEP FOCUSED AND GRAB THAT WIN!!!!

Min 58, 2-0 - MEEESSIIIIIIII GOOOOOOOOL, converts the penalty on Tello. LEO'S 56th GOAL OF THE SEASON!!!!!!!

Min 81, 2-0 - Pique just saved Bilbao's FIRST shot of the match now, after 80 minutes! Barca have been very dominant this second half, Athletic not giving up just yet. TEN MORE MINUTES, KEEP GOING BARCA!!!!

FULLTIME, 2-0 - Another valuable Blaugrana win which takes them one step closer to the title. Yes, Madrid may keep winning but our heroes are not ready to give the title away cheaply. Against Bilbao tonight the gave another lesson of commitment to our colours, showing a tremendous workrate and beating a very well-organised Athletic Bilbao side. WAY TO GO!!!!

My Player Ratings (0 to 10):

Valdes 7

Alves 7
Masche 8
Pique 8
Adriano 7

Sergio 7
Iniesta 9 (Man Of The Match)
Thiago 7

Messi 9
Tello 7
Alexis 7

Pedro 6
Xavi 6
Keita 6

My 5-4-3-2-1 FC Barcelona points:

Iniesta - 5 points
Messi - 4 points
Pique - 3 points
Sergio Busquets - 2 points
Mascherano - 1 point

Barça 2-0 Bilbao : Man of the Match

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