Barça 3-1 Sporting Gijon >> Barçablog Fan Reaction

In this section, we highlight today's most significant comments that the Barç fans shared before, during and after the game. THANK YOU for following the match with us!!!

Nick said: 'From our (Barca fans in Nigeria) own point of view, we feel the ref was so confused at the awesomeness of our players, that he couldn't hide his game plan (which was to help frustrate Barca some more). But then again, we showed the world that Barca IS NOT a ONE man show. We also showed the world that Barca has Depth, Character, and is Immensly blessed with Over-flowing of Talent. If it wasn't for our own slip ups... Well let's see if Madrid can get past Espanyol today. Visca Barca!!!'

Brighton said: 'Iniesta was magic!!! We proved we have class, resilience and depth, we still have the champion's mentality because we are champions at heart, Força Barça!!!'

Jerad said: 'It feels good to win 10 men vs 12 (counting the ref). How many cards were handed out? Two obvious penalty kicks not given!'

Cecilia said: 'Barça were clearly missing Leo. Masche was amazing!'

Zakariyyah said: 'An interesting match despite bad refereeing,a deserving victory for Barca'

Vladimir said: 'Iniesta is unbelievable, just amazing!!!'

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