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Valdes: 'Both Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are under pressure in La Liga. Our only option is to win all the games we have left and wait'

Valdes: 'When we were 10 points behind we didn’t change, and we won’t change now that we are 6 behind. We must compete against any rival and try to win the three points the six-point distance is considerable, even more so seeing how Madrid is playing. We have to play our games with confidence and peace. The games and time will decide the title winner'

Cruyff: 'FC Barcelona won't win La Liga, but Real Madrid could very well lose it. Barça's growth is proportional to Madrid's doubts, Mourinho is beginning to see ghosts all around him. Los Blancos are looking for excuses, which makes them bad losers. If Madrid don't win, they'll explode'

Mourinho, speaking to the UEFA media: 'I haven't banned my players from talking to the press. I don't have to justify myself to you'

Butragueño, Madrid director: 'We respect that the coach and players have decided to not speak to the press. We hope things can go back to normal soon'

Valdano, ex-Madrid director: 'I can't understand Mourinho's action or the way he acts. As for Guardiola, he is a coach who never cheats, is always brave, a true example of leadership'

El Pais, Madrid-based newspaper, reports: 'Casillas and Sergio Ramos organised a meeting with all other Madrid players and failed to invite any of their coaches. Their message was to focus on playing better football, not bullsh*tting about the referees in front of the media'

- Oh dear! I actually don't even know where to start today, so many hilarious Madrid points to talk about!

It looks as if Mourinho's mind-controlling tactics are coming to an end. His players have reportedly decided to meet behind his back and agreed to not follow his ridiculous crusade against the referees, FC Barcelona or anyone else their mindless coach chooses to rubbish to hide his own mistakes. It actually is about time those players started thinking for themselves instead of simply following orders from their 'owner'...

Members of Florentino's directors board have been criticising Mourinho's manners and style since his very early days at the Bernabeu but, for the first time, they are beginning to disagree with him in front of the media as well. I guess they have finally realised how much damage the Portuguese Whiner is actually doing to their club - or they may be preparing for his imminent exit after winning NOTHING this season.

To make things even worse, Valdano has carefully chosen this very moment to explain what we all knew: He can't stand The 555pecial FIVE. After being sacked by Florentino last summer, the Polite Argentine is full of praise for (wait a minute)... GUARDIOLA. Yes, that Catalan coach who, according to those blind Madridistas, has only achieved success due to blatant cheating and drug-taking.

And then, of course, came Johan Cruyff. The Dutch Master famously stopped writing his weekly article at El Periodico last summer (most believe Pep asked him to!) but has made an exception today. He obviously used his opportunity to rubbish Mourinho one more time and emphasise the fact that, despite the 6 point difference, this Liga can still be Blaugrana - mainly based on the fact that Madrid's instability is such that they may end up throwing their title chances down the drain.

As a Blaugrana, these are the times I look forward to the most: A true title challenge against a rival who, despite looking impressive in the early stages, seems to be losing stamina and momentum due to ongoing self-distruction.


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