Barça's refereeing saga is ugly but it had to be done >> Read My Mind

Freixa: 'Our players and coaching staff have always behaved impeccably. Our players, with FC Barcelona and the national team, have been impeccable'

Freixa: 'One of FC Barcelona’s commitments is not argue about the job referees have. However, this year we aren’t having much luck with them. President Rosell thinks things are looking worse. We aren’t losing faith and we hope that we end up with no arguments in regards to the way we currently feel'

Freixa: 'Sánchez Arminio's words are simply a display to the media, an opportunistic action that raises improper comparisons in a top class competition like the Spanish League. He puts our player Pique in the middle of an underserved controversy'

Freixa: 'We have sent a letter to the Real Federación Español de Fútbol (RFEF) where we formally request that they inform us on the conditions and criteria that the Referee Committee follows when they report a case to the Competition Committee. In short, we want to know what the rules of the game are'

Freixa: 'FC Barcelona has also requested that the composition of the Competition Committee be reviewed, it must be more than just one representative instead of the current unilateral composition'

Guardiola: 'I fully support Freixa's words. All we want to know is the procedure they follow to report, then ban players'

- It was about time. FC Barcelona has had enough of the continuous refereeing 'mistakes' (or PREMEDITATED attacks towards our club's interests) and decided to counterattack.

Toni Freixa's statement was very politely read but clearly explained our deep feeling of disappointment, disbelief and, to some extent, tiredness about the whole situation.

Most of the arguments I have been covering in my previous articles were mentioned. Elegant but direct points were made: The Refereeing Committee feels offended by Pique's words but has ignored others' in the recent past and the structure of the Refereeing Committee is wrong.

Let's get it straight: It simply can't be right that all decisions come down to ONE individual and not a GROUP of people. The fact is that guy is corrupted by his Madridista roots, he needs someone around him so he needs to at least discuss his dictatorial decisions with others!

On a different note, Freixa also explained how Barca did NOT attend today's meeting in order to decide where the Copa Del Rey final should be played as nobody seemed to be listening to anything we needed to say anyway. As I explained in this article, we all knew Madrid's Florentino had already decided for us, so why bother discussing it? By the way, the final will be played at El Calderon - Yes, you guessed it, NOT at the Bernabeu, which would have been common sense.

Having explained all of the above, I must say really feel sorry about the whole situation. As a born Cule and football lover, I hate having to discuss matters so far off the pitch. I'd much rather talk about a Messi hat-trick than an 85-year-old dictator. Having said that, it had to be done: Our club keeping silent has definitely not worked so far.

Back to football next time - or so we all hope.


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