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Guardiola: 'We are witness to the best football player'

Guardiola: 'We are witnessing the best player in every sense. Messi does everything, and he does it every three days. I’m sorry for those that want to sit on his throne, but this lad is the best. Hopefully we can enjoy his football for many more years'

Guardiola: 'Leo has rightfully entered into history, Like Michael Jordan, he is one of few players that dominate their sport in this fashion. At at Messi’s goalscoring rate, it will be difficult for any other player to break his record when he retires'

Guardiola: 'On the day that Leo Messi broke César’s record we played a game like one would have been played in that era, a 5 to 3 as a tribute to the Barça of the Five Cups'

CruyffL 'For football, Messi is a gem because he is a role model for every child in the world'

Cruyff: 'Barca play a type of football which delights everyone in the world and they have a coach with great human qualities, something that is extremely important nowadays. Messi has a lot of quality and he fits in very well in the team'

Thiago: 'Some people will say they saw Pelé or Maradona play, I can say he have seen Leo Messi play. He's a player who has made history, is making history and will continue to make history. There are few adjectives left to define him. For me, Messi is unique'

- The Messi-show simply gets better and better every minute: Against Granada, another hat-trick (his 18th since his FC Barcelona debut), another genius performance and, making it look incredibly effortless, he beat THE record: 234 goals, the most ever by any Barça in our over-a-century-long history. TREMENDOUS, LEGENDARY, THE MASTER!!!!!

Scoring 234 doesn't happen overnight, it's the culmination of many years of painful sacrifices, a whole life devoted to the Blaugrana cause. Messi continues to generously provide us with beautifully crafted goals, making watching him on the pitch much closer to art than raw sport.

The impact Messi is having in FC Barcelona's history can not be described with words. The Little Wizard keeps sharing his gift with Cules around the world, making us proud to be who we are, support the team of our lives while enjoying the best player on Earth on a weekly basis.

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After writing all of the above, there honestly isn't much more left for me to say. All we can do is sit back, relax and let Little Leo do the talking on the pitch.

Apparently, he's quite good, you know? : )