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Sánchez Arminio, President of the Spanish Association of Referees: 'Pique's words make my blood boil. We will analyse them in the next Refereeing Committee meeting. This is a very serious issue'

Sánchez Arminio: 'I am angry because Pique is doubting the honesty of Spanish referees. I am very hurt. What Pique said is bad sportsmanship, not positive for football'

José Ángel Jiménez, spokesman for the Spanish Association of Referees: 'Pique's words were unacceptable. Mourinho insulting the referee at the Camp Nou parking was different: This time the words have been widely reported by the media'

As you know, all Pique said after the Sporting match was: 'At half-time I told the referee it was a penalty on Keita and he kept that in his head, I have a feeling of premeditation'

Casillas, to the referee after losing the La Copa semis at the Camp Nou: 'You should go and celebrate with them (The Barca players), you're full of sh*t, di**head!!!'

Mourinho, to the referee, waiting by his car at the Camp Nou parking, after losing the La Copa semis: 'Well done Artist, you can go home and smoke a big cigar. You really enjoy f***king the professionals (supposedly, him, I guess!)'

- I honestly don't like talking about the referees but it seems as if the latest developments in Spanish football keep forcing me to. It was only yesterday that I argued that complaining about the referees was a pointless exercise as it doesn't make things any better - Not in Spain if you're Catalan anyway. Unfortunately, the latest developments are drawing me back the fact that Barca are being clearly robbed this season.

The Refereeing Committee has decided to start an investigation on Pique's words after he was unfairly sent off against Sporting de Gijon for, let's be honest, a minor push while there were 2 more defenders who would have stopped that striker's goalscoring chance anyway. Very suspicious, it feels as if they were waiting for one of our Cules to say something out of line one day to punish him straight away!!!

It is hilarious that the same people who ignored Casillas' insults after the Copa semis and totally overlooked Mourinho verbally abusing the ref at the Camp Nou parking now think Pique's words are 'very serious'. Don't forget these guys also ignored Pepe's infamous step on Messi's hand, only banned Mourinho for 2 matches after attacking Vilanova and many other villain-like actions from Los Blancos.

Florentino's move to sign Megia Davila, born in Madrid and former President of the Refereeing Committee a mere 2 weeks after he retired seems to have worked wonders. His aim is: 'To improve relationships with the officials'. Even blind people can see how effective that idea is proving, especially when he's best buddies with the 85-year-old in charge of all decisions now. The word 'Corruption' springs to mind...

Having said all of the above, I must also mention that I find it very hard to understand how Rosell manages to keep silent and shake hands with Florentino despite the whole situation of clear decrimination towards Barca. We may be showing more composure and decency that Los Blancos, but the refs are using our silence to walk all over us, knowing nobody will complain. Being polite and respectful is fine, but not when the rest of the world is laughing in your face and getting away with it. Would former president Laporta have kept quiet for this long? Of course NOT.

I'm just going to throw and idea out here: How about we don't allow our SPANISH players to play for the National SPANISH team next time they're called up as a protest? To be honest, those guys who are treating Pique like the devil's murderer will be sucking his backside as soon as he wears La Roja in Euro 2012 or ignored the drug-taking accusations on Barca last season.

Let's be clear here: There is no way Barca can win this La Liga. Real Madrid are good but that's not the point: The officials and their Madridista refereeing friends won't let us. We may as well focus on the Champions League, where refs aren't deeply corrupted or, if they get things wrong, they aren't PREMEDITATEDLY favouring Real Madrid all the time.

And yes, I said PREMEDITATEDLY, exactly like Pique said it. Now, shoot me.


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