The Cruyff-Mourinho war continues >> Read My Mind

Cruyff: 'Mourinho hasn't learnt anything, he needs to respect others more'

Cruyff, speaking April 2011: 'Jose Mourinho is a negative coach. He only cares about the result and doesn't care much for good football'

In September 2011, after the infamous eye-poking attack on Vilanova, Cruyff said: 'It was an act of arrogance and impotence. Mourinho's obsession with Barcelona has gone beyond the limits'

In December 2011, Mourinho rubbished Barca's Club World Cup win: 'That tournament in Japan is nothing more than a few small games'

Cruyff replied: 'This is a tournament that you can never belittle. First, one has to qualify to get there, you have to win the Champions League, otherwise you cannot play there. FC Barcelona must be happy with what it accomplished, specially with the football it is playing, which delights the entire world'

- While it is clear there is not one bit of affection between these two, the truth is it feels as if Cruyff is the only 'official' Barça source to answer back whenever The Portuguese Whiner decides to attack our club cowardly via the Madrid-based media - Apart from Guardiola of course, who is very capable of defending himself!

As you can see, Cruyff clearly has Barca's interests at heart - And has had for a while, as you can see reading this article (Click here for more)

I sometimes wonder if President Rosell actually exists or is simply a product of our imagination - Has anyone ever seen him? Can he speak? Does he care enough to do so or is he scared of something normal Cules like you and me can't really see? Strange... Maybe he doesn't want to upset his good, old friend Florentino!!!