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Florentino: 'Real Madrid transmits all the good qualities of sportsmanship around the world, such as effort, determination and solidarity'

- People say you don't necessarily appreciate what you have until you lose it. While that may be the case, I feel the truth is the biggest problem is losing what you have and not even realising.

Not that many years ago, Real Madrid was a club which had achieved success at such a rate that even the most hardcore Cule fans were somehow respectful and able to recognise the quality of our fiercest rivals.

Those were the times of the Galactico era, with Zidane leading the pack followed by Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Figo (Judas The Pig) and, later on, Posh Spice Boy David Beckham. As a Barcelona-born Cule, I obviously wanted them all to fail miserably, but I had to admit those guys actually did know how to kick a ball.

While all the awards went to the players, I give most of the credit to their coach, Vicente Del Bosque, also known as The Quiet Potato Head. Their manager was fully responsible for their formation and mechanisms, the way they related to each other on and off the pitch. Having so many 'rockstars' in the same dressing room could have ended in disaster for them - Sadly for Cule fans, it didn't and Los Blancos went on to win 2 Champions Leagues, 2 Ligas and one Intercontinental Cup in the process.

Del Bosque is a man who has lived and breathed Real Madrid from a very early age, similarly to our very own Pep Guardiola, but at Los Blancos. A day after winning their 29th La Liga title, back in 2003, Mr Mustache was sacked. Florentino explained at the time: 'He was showing signs of exhaustion. I want to be sincere about this – our belief that he was not the right coach for the future'

Years later, things have changed drastically. Florentino is still president at La Casa Blanca, but has given far too much power to a manager who doesn't actually care about Madrid and their self-proclamed greatness.

A clear example of the above is how Mourinho has banned every player, coach, board member and even the club's president from speaking to the media. Can you imagine Guardiola shutting Rosell up after an away draw? Of course not, we have much more decency than that!

Let's face it: Spending over 400MILLeu in making a winning team to end up playing with Altintop, Khedira and Conentrao doesn't necessarily strike me as a job well done... In the meantime, players such as Soldado, from Real Madrid's youth system, are impressing miles away from El Bernabeu.

In an even more painful twist for Florentino and his followers, Del Bosque can say he is the ONLY coach in history to take the National Spanish Team to World Cup glory - with a team where 8 our of 11 players came from Barça's La Masia. BOOM!!!

Talk about being exhausted....

And last but not least: Can you imagine what would happen if his beloved Real Madrid actually ends up losing La Liga after leading by 10 massive points?