Guardiola vs Mourinho: It's War!!!! >> Read My Mind, plus Video

Guardiola: 'Winning 13 out of 16 titles is all down to the athletes. In the end this game always belongs to the players. We've won because we've got some fantastic players. This is all down to the athletes, who have performed so well over the whole period'

Guardiola: 'Godall knows, as do Rosell and Florentino, that we have won because we've competed with hard work. It's very bad for football if the merit doesn't go to Messi and Cristiano. We've won so much because we've been better than the rest. If Madrid are ten points ahead it's because they've been better and we have slipped up. We accept responsibility. And if I say we won't win the league it's because making up that gap with Real Madrid is very difficult, as it is to referee'

Guardiola: 'We've been under this sort of media pressure for four years, always being under suspicion in everything we do for different reasons. This year's no exception. It's always for reasons that are not down to our team'

Guardiola: 'Everybody understood that he was talking about me yesterday. I hope he says my name next time. We're alike in that we both want to win, there's no doubt about that. If I've behaved like him in other respects then obviously I'll have to change my ways. I don't feel that he's like me. There are words and images for anything. There are images and words during this time which speak a thousand words. There are thousands of press conferences you can look at: Our paths are very different. We have always been honest'

Guardiola: 'If in the end it really is like that I'll have to think harder and try to see where we've failed. My aim is not to put my Club and players in a bad light. I try not to make people ashamed of me as well as to generate a good atmosphere in my team'

Guardiola: 'Barça and the rest of the teams have an obligation to maintain a good relationship with the RFEF Federation. Referees have been put under a lot of pressure and the president of the Spanish Football Federation should step forward and make a stand. He should come out and say that you win because of Messi, Cristiano and Mourinho, because if not it seems that you win because you're a friend of Angel Maria Villar (president of the Spanish Football Federation)'

Mourinho, speaking yesterday: 'It looks like those who never talk about the referees are finally talking. Some people are much cleverer than me and pretend to have a better image than me, but they are the same as me'

Mourinho: 'I don't complain about the referees anymore as I have already paid the price. I am not perfect. When the time comes, I will say things and act in imperfect ways'

Godall, ex-Barca vicepresident under Laporta: 'Laporta was clever and was close to RFEF president Villar, which helped us. Rosell is wrong to turn his back to the people who run Spanish football. It hurts our sporting chances'

- So much to talk about here that I don't even know where to start...

It can't be denied that Madrid's Mr 555pecial is a clever villain. He has used the ONE time Barca has complained about the referees to attack where it hurts, using his sly, shady style to send a direct missile to Guardiola via a press conference.

And what about Godall? Who the hell is he anyway? All he ever did was polish Laporta's shoes while he was in charge. No charisma, no intelligence, always following our ex-president as if he was his favourite puppet. I guess these words also come at a very well-chosen time, considering the ongoing trials and the fierce 47 million euro compensation battle (Read more here). I would have expected someone of his position to put Barca's interests first: Obviously not. Another hidden enemy from within!

The Portuguese Whiner has obviously used Godall's stupidly irresponsible words to support his ongoing theory: The Pep Team has only won titles because of justified cheating and sucking up to referees and RFEF/FIFA officials. No skill, no effort, nothing. As if Messi, Xavi, Iniesta didn't exist and had stolen their trophies from an off-license corner shop. RIDICULOUS!!!

I am not going to sit here and defend everything The Pep Team has achieved in these glorious 4 years simply because Mou555inho barked those words out. Guardiola has already done that part of the job. Plus, CULES DON'T NEED TO JUSTIFY THEMSELVES in front of ANYBODY.

So, decision made: I am not going to play Mou's game. I will ignore the miserable Portuguese man even exists and I am going to focus on my team's own footballing abilities. FC Barcelona has so many positives going on at the moment than turning our attention to those rotten Madridistas is an absolute waste of time.

Instead, I'm going to watch a replay of the 5-0 over Los Blancos at the Camp Nou. Or maybe the 2-6. Perhaps the 2011 Champions League semifinals, plus the Poque, pouque, porque press conference. Decisions, decisions...


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