It only takes ONE draw for Madrid to show their true colours >> Read My Mind

Casillas: 'I don't care what Guardiola says. It's important to me what our coach has to say and how we feel'

Mourinho: 'The referee had two major mistakes in our draw against Malaga. There were two enormous penalties he failed to see, but we can't critisize him'

Casillas: 'We never thought we had won the league and we have to defend our place in every game. We are about to play difficult matches on the road and must focus on each one at a time. We want to win again'

Casillas: 'We had a 10-point lead and it's annoying to drop it by two, but there are 11 games left and we'll do our best to win. We must stand united with our fans till the end. We understand the Bernabeu crowd is very demanding'

Cristiano Ronaldo: 'The referee was too soft tonight. He was scared to blow his whistle tonight. We still have an eight-point lead and there's nothing to worry about because the league is far from over. We're calm about it. We suffer when we don't score'

Butragueno: 'Ten points seemed a distinct advantage, and eight is still a significant one. It is the same as it was before though. The league is not finished. It is true we have a big lead, but there is still competition'

Hierro, Madrid legend: 'The league is as it is. The direct confrontation that will take place later this season could be decisive in the La Liga title race'

- Interesting to see how things can turn in a mere 90 minutes. Hadn't these guys won the title already? Hadn't they decided to stop moaning forever after??? It actually is hilarious...

To be honest, from Real Madrid's point of view, drawing 1-1 against Malaga shouldn't be considered a major problem, especially when you are leading the table by 10 points and are facing a team who has invested so heavily in recent times.

I feel it's hilarious how, the first time a result goes against them, they instantly blame the referees for it and use their devoted Madrid-based press to throw sly messages towards Barça via the media.

In my opinion, they are clearly over-reacting, which can only be a sign of hidden fear and even self-doubting their abilities to keep their difference until the end of the season. Maybe the several years they've spent in Barcelona's shadow has affected their confidence...

As I explained yesterday, I feel the growing admiration between Florentino and the RFEF has already decided the title in Los Blancos' favour. Having said that: Wouldn't it be awesome if we actually took the title after trailing for so many games? YES, PLEASE!!!

As this video shows, it has happened before. The current 21 out of 21 Blaugrana points since we lost at Osasuna, with 24 goals for and only 4 against, surely is a good enough reason to keep on dreaming.