Leo Messi, The Record-Breaker >> Barça Stats

Leo Messi, The Record-Breaker : Barça Stats

Messi scored his 150th league goal for Barça, overtaking former Real Madrid striker Raul to become the youngest player in La Liga history to reach this total.

Messi is now within just four of FC Barcelona's current record holder, the legendary Cesar Rodriguez, who scored a remarkable 235 goals.

Messi has scored eight in his last three matches and, in just 27 matches played so far, has already equalled last season's tally of 31 league goals.

The Argentine has scored 13 goals for Barça in the last 27 days, so far he’s scored 51 goals this season. His second best run since he started playing for FC Barcelona’s first team. His goal scoring numbers have improved over the years: 16 in 2007/08, 38 in 2008/09, 47 in 2009/10, and 53 in 2010/11.

- Does this guy ever get tired of destroying every record in World Football? What a legend!