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Barça achieved a valuable 0-0 draw at the San Siro after a hard-fought match against AC Milan.

Match Report:

HALFTIME, Milan 0-0 Barça : A decent first half by The Pep Team, taking control of the ball after an intense 5 initial minutes, when Robinho missed the clearest chance The Rossoneri will ever have against us. Clear penalty on Alexis. Milan defending with 8 players, Barça keep trying through the middle. We need a bit more from Alves. I'm missing Cesc.

FULLTIME, Milan 0-0 Barça : Games at the San Siro are never easy. Grabbing a 0-0 draw can be considered a positive result, we were facing a consistent team in front of their ferocious crowd.

Our FCB players never gave up and continued to attack despite crashing into Milan's 4+4 defensive line. Some chances were created but defended well. Alexis was fouled inside the area only 3 meters away from the assistant referee, who decided to ignore it.

Oh well. The tie is in our hands now. If we can beat Milan at the Camp Nou, we are through. It doesn't sound like an impossible challenge, really! We have the best players, coach and fans in the world.

The job is still Barça's to finish!

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My Player Ratings (0 to 10):

Valdes 7

Alves 7
Masche 8
Pique 7
Puyol 8

Sergio 7
Xavi 8 (Man Of The Match)
Keita 8

Iniesta 6
Messi 8
Alexis 7

Pedro 7
Tello 7

My 5-4-3-2-1 FC Barcelona points:

Xavi - 5 points
Masche - 4 points
Messi - 3 points
Puyol - 2 points
Keita - 1 point

Milan 0-0 Barça : Man of the Match

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