Pathetic Madridistas are scared of losing their Liga >> Read My Mind

Pepe, to the Villarreal-Madrid referee: 'What a robbery, you son of a b**ch!'

Mourinho, to the referee before getting sent off: 'You son of a b**tch!'

Mourinho, to the media: (Well, nothing as he refused to speak to the media)

Ronaldo, speaking to the media before trying to burst into the Villarreal dressing room: 'This is shameful, this is not professional football. THIEVES, THIEVES, THIEVES!!!'

Mourinho's agent: 'I can't stop laughing when I look at La Liga's table and see Barca 6 points below us. Being second is like being first out of all the losers. Who is second today? Sorry, I can't help laughing again'

Florentino: 'Real Madrid transmits all the good qualities of sportsmanship around the world, such as effort, determination and solidarity'

Kaka: 'We have an advantage over Barca which means a lot and does not mean that much at the same time. We know that Barca are very strong and that they have great players, so we will have to be very alert until we have mathematically won the title'

- Oh well, oh well, oh well. It turns out we actually have a chance at stealing La Liga from those Mandriles. KABOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!

A few days ago, Guardiola told us all he had given up on winning the championship. I added my own personal touch on the matter, adding that the RFEF and Florentino weren't going to allow us to lift the trophy. Two matches later, we are only 6 points behind. How did that happen?

Well, it's simple. Barça have put their heads down and got on with the job in hand, winning 8 out of the last 8 matches despite feeling unfairly robbed of their title chances. Messi has unleashed his inner goalscoring monster, cruelly destroying defenses via the ferocious har-trick attacks. Xavi and Iniesta have been relatively fit lately. The rest of the team have gelled again, pushing for every ball as they have done in previous seasons.

On the other hand, Real Madrid have dropped their level, mainly based on the fact that Mourinho has been virtually using the same eleven players in every match since September 2011. Their attack is simply lacking that extra spark. And, perhaps most importantly, the referees seem to be doing their jobs sort of properly now, as opposed to blatantly helping them as they have been doing all year.

As I published recently, it only takes Madrid to lose a few points to start showing their true colours. All of the 'we don't talk about the referees' hypocrisy has turned into 'all they do is rob us'. From Florentino's 'we are the greatest team on Earth' to a laughable 'we won't talk to the media as things are going a bit against us'. Pathetic...

I sense a deep smell of Barca-fear coming from the Bernabeu: Florentino can just not afford to lose this title, specially after spending over 300MILLeu when building this 'megastar' team. Cristinita Ronaldo is extremely handsome and a super-awesome plastic dude - Unfortunately, that doesn't win you titles. Mourinho is believed to be a great player motivator and, according to many, the best coach in the world - Shame about his ridiculous manners and lack of ability to create anything apart from hatred and brainwashing his players into nasty tacklers.

Do you know what makes it sweeter though? While hell is burning in Madrid, I am watching Messi's 234 goals and a legendary Blaugrana team full of La Masia stars and upcoming youngsters.

Fact: Money can't buy you happiness.